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911 Engine Letter Holder (article No. 45576) - 7 Jun, 2017


The Porsche air-cooled boxer engine is one of the most iconic powerplants to emerge during a century of automotive development, and in the landmark 911 model, the air-cooled flat-six lasted for more than three decades before giving way to water cooling. Many of the world’s greatest car races were won by Porsche 911s using this air-cooled design, and a letter holder evoking this quintessentially Porsche engine makes a perfect desktop item for any car enthusiast and in particular a dedicated Porsche fan.



Designed to hold letters and small documents, the 911 Engine Letter Holder features a rubber belt linking the instantly recognizable cooling fan to the lower engine pulley, which can be spun together. Made mostly of finely die-cast metal, the rear mounting plate is a stainless-steel and photo-etched plate replicating the engine’s front face. It is attached to the back plate with two stainless-steel rods. 


Two choices of cooling fan colors, red and yellow, are available. The desk of any Porsche nut will indeed be made cool when graced by this 911 Engine Letter Holder.




Measures 93 mm (3.67 inches) width x 68 mm (2.68 inches) height x 45 mm (1.78 inches) depth.