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AUTOart cufflinks - 7 Jun, 2017


AUTOart has introduced two new cufflinks for the well-dressed and discriminating car enthusiast evoking both a high-performance brake disc and the gated gearshift of a vintage Italian sports car.


The brake-disc cufflinks are made of exquisitely die-cast and chrome-plated metal, the rotor surfaces themselves, both front and back, fitted with stainless-steel, photo-etched plates that have perfectly flat and smooth surfaces that are patterned with perforated ventilation holes, all to recreate the high-performance brake discs of the world’s finest motorcars.






 The brake caliper is a six-pot design usually found only on top-shelf supercars, and the brake disc spins freely so that the wearer can demonstrate its function to their friends and to the curious. 





Packed on a carbon-fiber-texture platform inside a handsome black storage box, the AUTOart brake-disc cufflink is a perfect gift for any petrolhead.   Article No. 45701.





The gearshift cufflinks are also made of finely cast metal that is then chrome-plated. The styling of the gear lever with a round metal knob echoes the manual gear levers of certain Ferrari and Lamborghini models from a bygone era before paddles. Just as with the real thing, the cufflink’s lever can be shifted from slot to slot, and the cufflink is a great way to practice manual shifting while looking your best at a business or social function.






This is the ideal gift item for those who miss manual shifting on the special cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini, which in the modern era have now entirely converted to robotic transmissions. Article No. 40193.