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CARBURETOR SALT & PEPPER SHAKER GRINDER (article No. 40148) - 3 Dec, 2019

AUTOart launched a salt and pepper dispenser replicated from a Weber DCOE carburetor. What is Weber carburetor? It is a high-performance carburetor that can make your car go faster by dumping a vast amount of calibrated fuel and air into an engine. 

The most well-known type, the twin-throttle DCOE side-draft, was a factory-installed part on everything from the 105-hp Lotus Elan to the 250-hp Jaguar D-type during the mid-decades of last century before fuel injection gradually took over the duty. And if a car didn't come with a Weber or multiple Webers factory-installed, that was often where an aftermarket or backyard tuner went for higher speed and power. When you select a Weber, you get to know your engine as a living thing, changing and breathing under your touch. Moreover, you develop an intimate relationship with gasoline. The induction sound when gasoline is sucked into the engine roars like a tiger, it makes your heartbeat racing. 

This carburetor salt and pepper dispenser has the aluminium diecast body that the float bowl cover swings open to store toothpicks and sugar packets. The shape is reduced to around 70% of its original size. It is fitted with two removable stainless steel inlet rampipes that contain salt and pepper grinders. A perfect item for the petrolhead’s dining table.
Size L:12.6cm (5”) W:11.0cm (4.3”) H:12.5cm (4.9”)